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George Allen’s success story at Wesley Manor

In March of 2014, George Allen Sr. was admitted to Wesley Manor’ Health Care Center at the age of 78.  George was able to come here, after previously living at home with his loving son George Allen Jr.  We knew from the day that he arrived he was an exceptional man with a huge heart and a will to dance!  From a therapeutic stand point his son played a huge part of maintaining his independence.  He would have Mr. Allen complete daily worksheets to maintain his cognition and physical abilities.  Upon moving to Wesley Manor, Mr. Allen was independently mobile. George was seen by Wesley Manor’s physical, occupational and speech therapists to allow for a safe transition upon arrival.  He was able to maintain this level of independence until August 2015, when he suffered a decline in his physical ability. This resulted in a need for wheelchair use, and help with standing and transferring.  Mr. Allen was seen on several occasions by therapists for issues such as self-feeding and wheelchair positioning. It wasn’t until our therapists received extensive training on the Ageless Abilities approach, that we were able to fully assess his true potential. Mr. Allen was hospitalized for a few days, and then returned to the Health Care Center.  Since George had been responding well to our restorative staff with his physical therapy program, he was able to reduce his dependency for a wheelchair.  Mr. Allen responded well to therapy when using the Ageless Abilities approach– all made possible by correct cuing and coaching from trained therapists and caregivers. The Ageless Abilities approach has allowed us here at Wesley Manor to reach our residents with Alzheimer’s and dementia on a new level.  Allowing us to extend their functional abilities much longer as the disease progresses, it is all made possible with the love and support provided from the interdisciplinary team here at Wesley Manor.  With George having regained a great level of his mobility and independence, he is able to show us just how much he enjoys music and dancing.  Michael Jackson is one of his favorites, and he can always be found keeping the beat seated or standing when any music is playing.

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