How to Help a Senior Make the Transition to Senior Living

Tips for Talking to Your Parents About Senior Living

Most older adults will eventually need to consider senior living options, such as independent living or assisted living communities. While these types of retirement communities can be beneficial for the health and wellness of your senior parents, it may not be easy to start the conversation about transitioning to senior living. If you’re becoming concerned about an elderly loved one’s ability to live on their own, keep the following tips in mind for starting this tough conversation. With the right approach, you can ease their anxieties and reduce potential stress surrounding the transition to a new living environment.

Research Available Options

There are several options available for senior living, including assisted living, independent living, and in-home care. Do your research before beginning the conversation. Knowing the right terminology will help you better understand how to talk to your parents about assisted living and other options. You’ll also have a clearer idea of the benefits of senior living communities. For example, home maintenance and household chores are no longer a worry for residents of assisted living.
You may also face misconceptions about senior living from your elderly parent. They may not realize that they can bring their pets with them to assisted living or that they will be encouraged to remain as independent as possible in their new home.

Listen to Their Needs

You’ll probably come to your loved one with concerns about why they need to transition to senior living. Maybe they’ve recently been hospitalized or maybe you’ve noticed that they’re having trouble keeping their house in good condition. Voice these concerns honestly but create space for your loved one to discuss their point of view. Hear their concerns and show empathy—don’t start an argument. It may help to table the conversation if you or your parent become agitated. Transitioning to a new living situation at any stage of life is a stressful, emotional process. Be open to the emotions that your loved one may express.

Bring Others into the Conversation

Other family members may have valuable input on how to help your parent transition to assisted living, so don’t hesitate to invite them into the conversation. It may also help to have an outsider’s perspective. For example, your loved one’s physician or a family therapist can serve as an unbiased third party to make your conversation more productive.

Be Prepared to Have Multiple Discussions

Don’t expect to create a plan for your elderly loved one’s future in a single conversation. In fact, it’s best if you can start bringing up the idea of assisted living before it feels like an emergency need.

Plan Visits to Local Senior Living Communities

Seeing is believing, so your parent may not come around until they get a real sense of their options with community tours. Touring different facilities is also an opportunity to better understand the difference between independent living and assisted living communities. You may even have a chance to talk to some current residents of the community or book a trial stay to ensure that your loved one ends up in the right place.

Tour Wesley Manor and Get Answers to Your Questions

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