Giving is much better than receiving, especially when we find that special gift to brighten the lives of those we love. However, it can sometimes be difficult to buy a gift for Seniors, as many no longer want ‘stuff’ to clutter up their space. So being thoughtful in gift-giving provides an opportunity to add to their life positively.
What are some of the top gifts Seniors would really get excited about this year?
  • Sentimental Gifts: Photo Products like Shutterfly or Mixbook, Shadow Boxes, or even a memorable experience together.
  • Practical Gifts: Luxurious Fleece or Wool Blankets, Amazon Alexa, Robot Vacuum, Dimming Lights, or an automated Thermostat
  • Digital Gifts: Amazon Alexa or a Tablet for Audio Books, Music and staying connected on the world wide web.
Reprinted by permission, Oasis Senior Advisors